Workshop on Bank Business Models

The workshop will take place on 19 June 2019 at Cass Business School – City, University of London.

In the ten years since the financial crisis, the banking industry has experienced some profound changes and business models have evolved as banks implemented different strategies to adapt to the new regulatory landscape and to the challenges on fast-paced technological innovation. Banks will need to upgrade their IT infrastructure to enable better data management and to improve operational efficiency. They will also need to digitize their products and services to cater to increasingly demanding clients and find ways to become part of the new financial ecosystem instead of being disintermediated.

This workshop aims to address these challenges and their impact on banking activities. The workshop will include:

  • a small number of selected academic presentations and discussions
  • the launch of the new edition of the Banking Business Models Monitor: Banks Business Models Monitor: EUROPE. Performance, Risk, Regulation and Resolution 2005-2018
  • the launch of the book: “Business Models in banks: definition, identification and financial stability assessment – Europe, United States and Canada” by Rym Ayadi

Organising Committee: Rym Ayadi, Barbara Casu; Doriana Cucinelli; Angela Gallo


All presenters, discussants and participants should register for administrative and security reasons.

Registration is necessary to be able to access the Workshop  and the Policy and Industry Session at Room 6001 at Cass Business School.

Registration for the Workshop 

Registration for the Policy and Industry Session

If you are unable to register online, please contact to inquire about space availability.

Confirmations are emailed upon completion of registration. Please check your confirmation e-mail to make sure your information is correct.

If you are unable to attend the Workshop, please send an e-mail to us. This would help us on organisational arrangements in advance of the meeting.

Workshop Programme

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